2 Nights and 1 Day Hog Hunting $475 per person

3 Night 2 Day Hog Hunting $800 per person

4 Night 3 Day Hog Hunting $1,200 per person

5 Night 4 Day Hog hunting $1,600 per person

Day Time Hog Hunts Include:

One meat hog per day of hunting included in above pricing
Comfortable hunting lodge
Experienced hunting guide
Southern Home-cooked meals
Field transportation
Game retrieval
Gun Range / Archery Range
Full-sized walk-in cooler

SINGLE DAY Hog Hunting
$350 per day per person and includes one meat hog up to 150 pounds. Trophy Fees apply as noted below. Meals and lodging are not included.

TROPHY FEES - All hogs up to 150 pounds with 1 1/2" Cutters or better is subject to a $350 trophy fee with the above packages (unless night hunting, please see below).

* 151 pounds to 249 pounds $500

* 250 pounds and above is subject to a $2/pound trophy fee, discounts do not apply

* Due to the abundance of wildlife, discounted daily fees apply for meat hogs if you choose to harvest more than the limit of one per day. Extra meat hogs (less than 150 pounds) are $200 each. The only limit is your budget and size of your coolers.

Hog and Boar Hunting
Hog Hunting at Night with Lights

​* $250 per person Non-Refundable deposit required for all hog hunting trips. If something prevents you from hunting your scheduled dates we will reschedule up to one year from your original dates

* A South Carolina Hunting License is required for your hog hunting trip

Hunting The South Carolina Low Country

Wild Boar Hunting

* Hog Processing costs for any hunt package. Hog skinning, halved and packed into your cooler is $40    up to 150 pounds and $60 for hogs 151 pounds and above.
* Caping of your trophy wild hog is an additional $30 per animal
* Use of our equipment for you to provide your own skinning is $25 per hog.
* Bone in processing and vacuum packed 3.50/pound
* Deboned meat and vacuum packed $4/pound
* Ground Plain and vacuum packed $4.50/pound, minimum amount of time needed is 2 days
* Ground breakfast or Italian seasoned $5.50/pound, minimum amount of time needed is 2 days

​​Hog Hunting Lodge
At Williams Hunting Lodge, you’ll enjoy the comforts of home while experiencing nature. Our 3 hunting lodges in South Carolina are rustic with modern amenities. The staff will match you up with the Hunting Lodge that will be the most convenient and comfortable for the number of people in your Hog Hunting group.

All of our lodges are clean and comfortable with Satellite TV, Washer/dryer, Showers, 
AC/heat, Bed linens and towels, Full kitchens, and Comfortable beds for everyone. Enjoy a comfortable stay in South Carolina where the piece and quiet is only interrupted briefly by the occasional sound of another great harvest at Williams Hunting.

​​​Wild Boar and Hog Hunting is our specialty and a year round activity at Williams. Our properties are prime habitat for wild hogs which include both Feral and Russian strained hogs. Both wild hogs and preserve hogs harvested at Williams Hunting in South Carolina typically weigh 40 lbs. to 250 lbs and some of our biggest Boars harvested have weighed in at over 700 lbs.

In South Carolina at Williams Hunting we are permitted to trap nuisance hogs and release them into a fenced area ( approx. 350 acres) to protect our agriculture. Our Hog Hunting Ranch/Preserve allows you a 100% sighting success rate for hogs and is only limited to your shooting ability. We boast a 100% success rate for all of our meat hog hunts within the preserve.
You will be hog hunting from comfortable elevated box stands, ladder stands, and tripod stands equipped with rifle rests. Open ladder stands and lock-on stands are also used to accommodate pistol and bow hunters. Our swamp land areas along with planted seasonal food plots and supplemental corn feedings aid in attracting and keeping our wild boar and wild hog close to the stands and increasing your odds for success. All of our Hog Hunting Stands are strategically placed throughout the property over food sources or travel corridors providing our hunters the best opportunities possible. Lodging and Meals included with all hunt packages except single day Hog Hunts.Williams Hunting offers free ranging as well as preserve wild boar hunting.  

HOG HUNTING AT NIGHT $750 per person per night - Trophy Hunts ONLY 
All night hunts start at dusk and end 3 hours later, not to be combined with any other package. This is a trophy hunt only, where you will be looking for the largest of our hogs, some going over 700 pounds and cutters longer than 4". Be assured we have some of the largest hogs in the Southeast and the smartest only expose themselves in the dark of night, this is the only way you will find them. All night hunts include overnight lodging and multiple night hunts include meals. Traditionally these hunts are performed in June, July and August. You are welcome to bring your own night vision equipment or use our lights for no extra charge and can be attached to nearly any weapon.​​

Click Here to see many of the recipes that Williams Hunting uses to prepare Wild Boar and Hog.

What to bring on your Next Hog Hunting Trip to South Carolina.

Each game hunter has his or her own equipment preferences. Therefore, we ask that you bring the following with you for your hunting experience at Williams Hunting:

  • Weapon of choice, minimum caliber .243
  • Camouflage clothing
  • Good boots
  • Small flashlight
  • Insect repellent
  • Rain suit
  • Seat cushion
  • Coolers, a lot of coolers!
Boar and Hog Retrevial


Hog Hunting Combo Special

$1,295 - 4 night 3 days of Hog Hunting & Deer Hunting. Includes meals and onsite lodging, 2 bucks 8pt or better, 1 Doe, and 1 meat hog preserve or unlimited Free range hogs. No trophy hog fees. Valid September, November, and December

Wild Hog Processing
Williams Hunting in South Carolina

The Call is on us! Speak Directly to our Guides


​Williams Hunting

Ranked as one of the Top South Carolina Trophy Hog Hunting Destinations in 2016 & 2018 by Ranch Review and Outfitter Connection!

Wild Boar Hunting
Ranch Review and Outfitter Connection Hog Hunting

Hog Hunting Amenities
William's Hunting outfitters offer exclusive amenities including:

Comfortable hunting lodge in South Caroling

Southern-home-cooked meals
Field transportation
Game retrieval
Access to gun range / bow range
Full-sized walk-in cooler

Additional Optional Services

Game skinning and quartering
Meat processing
Airport transportation

Non-Hunting Guests
Non-hunting guests are welcome at William's Hunting.  

Rates are $100 per day per person for food and lodging.

Wildlife Viewing
Non-hunting guests can experience the abundant wildlife on our property.  

Guided viewing is $100 per guest per day. 

Corporate Hunting Packages
Let William's Hunting be the destination for your next company outing. Custom days and dates for your group along with discounted prices. Bring your clients or employees to enjoy days of hunting and comfortable onsite lodging and great meals. The thrill of the hunt is right outside your door. Contact us for information. 

Hog Hunting