Hunting The South Carolina Low Country

Free-Range Hog Hunting Amenities
William's Hunting outfitters offer exclusive amenities including:

Comfortable hunting lodge in South Carolina 

Southern-home-cooked meals
Field transportation
Game retrieval
Access to gun range / bow range
Full-sized walk-in cooler

Additional Optional Services

Game skinning and quartering
Meat processing
Airport transportation

Meat Processing
​* Hog Processing costs for any hunt package. Hog skinning, halved and packed into your cooler is $40 up to 150 pounds and $60 for hogs 151 pounds and above.
* Caping of your trophy wild hog is an additional $30 per animal
* Use of our equipment for you to provide your own skinning is $25 per hog.
* Bone in processing and vacuum packed 3.50/pound
* Deboned meat and vacuum packed $4/pound
* Ground Plain and vacuum packed $4.50/pound, minimum amount of time needed is 2 days
* Ground breakfast or Italian seasoned $5.50/pound, minimum amount of time needed is 2 days

Ranch Review and Outfitter Connection Hog Hunting

*Non-hunting guests are welcome at a rate of $100 per night per person for food and lodging.

* $300 per person Non-Refundable deposit required for all hog hunting trips. If something prevents you from hunting your scheduled dates we will reschedule up to one year from your original dates

* A South Carolina Hunting License is required for your hog hunting trip.

Night Hog Hunt

We do allow night hog hunting on our Free-Range property though not necessary it can be very fun. We allow you to hunt the morning and afternoon and if you choose you can stay in your stand until after dark with lights or other night vision products. We usually don’t stay at night past a couple hours after sunset as it will not be necessary. Most hogs that go nocturnal simply wait about 30 minutes after dark to come to a bait pile or feeder. Simply put if you have needed to wait until midnight or later for a hog to come in to your stand then they are over pressured. Wild hogs are very different than a whitetail. From birth some males will go nocturnal and that’s how they get to weights over 300 pounds and have to be hunted at night. So if you are after the largest of trophies a night hunt yields the highest success rates.

Multiple Nights Lodging Hunts include meals and the following:

Comfortable & Private hunting lodge
hunting guides
Field transportation
Game retrieval
Gun Range / Archery Range
Full-sized walk-in cooler

Hunt our lower 1500 acres with towering pines, watering holes and thick bedding cover that slopes into a thick hardwood bottom which is drainage and overflow of the Salkehatchie river Basin. Our lower swamp is filled with nut trees and water 365 days a year. Even in the harshest drought conditions we hold hogs. Much care and thought goes into a successful wild hog hunting operation. Ten years of feral hog management in Florida has given me the knowledge to create an environment that allows hunters to consistently harvest hogs in daylight hours. Low pressure is the key and we do not hunt more than twice per month so you have an opportunity to see hogs all throughout the day.


​​Your Wild Hog Hunting day

Your Hog Hunting Day traditionally starts in the Mess Hall where coffee will be ready by a push of a button. A continental style breakfast is waiting with pastries, cereal, toast etc. We generally will be out well before daylight and hunt until about 10 unless your group decides differently. Please remember we hunt as hard as you want to so no schedule is written in stone. Once in we skin, gut, half, clean and hang your harvest in our cold storage facility. While we are working on your game a big breakfast will be served almost immediately upon our arrival. We review what and when you would like to go back out and have a light lunch and back in the stand 2 hours or so before sunset. Once we pick you and your harvest up it’s back to the lodge for a big dinner. Your last day at Williams is always continental and if a hunt is included in the morning you can eat a hardy lunch prior to your departure.

On the day of your arrival we make sure your guns are sighted in and review a few safety rules and either relax or if your hunt starts that day we prepare to go afield. The first day’s meal is something grilled as no one can be certain when they arrive at camp and it is easier for everyone.

Two-Night & Two-Day Hunts start on either Monday, Wednesday or Thursday. You arrive at noon and hunt that afternoon, hunt the next Morning and afternoon, and then the following morning, then depart by noon on the third day. This hunt includes unlimited hogs, lodging, and meals for only $795 per Hunter.

Three-Night & Two-Day Hunt is for the longer distance hunter. These hunts start on Thursday and end on Sunday. You arrive late on Thursday and includes a dinner then hunt Friday and Saturday with a departure in the am of Sunday which gives you the ability to travel longer distances each day. This hunt includes unlimited hogs, lodging, and meals for only $895 per Hunter.

Three-Nights & Three-Days of hog hunting is for the hardcore group. All hunts start Wednesday at Noon and end on Saturday noon and include six sits. Whatever cooler size you think you may need for this hunt you will either need to double it or go to Walmart and get additional coolers. This is considered the slay fest hunt and should provide you with enough pork for the year. Includes onsite private lodging, meals and unlimited hogs for only $995 per Hunter.

Field care and skinning is $40 per animal and no trophy fees ever on our Free-Range hog hunts. Processing is available but we need prior notice to prepare. Professional facilities are available here at Williams Hunting and we can provide vacuum sealing, grinding and sausage patties either sweat Italian or a Jimmy Dean style breakfast sausage. Contact us for pricing information or take a look at the details above under the "Amenities" section.

Free-Range Hog Hunts

Traditionally we hunt from elevated stands, either box stands or ladder stands. The typical shot is about 50-75 yards in the swamp to 300 yards on our powerline cut. We give a hunter what they are looking for and never push you past your limits. Iron sighted guns will not need to shoot longer than 75 yards and a scoped gun can go to your limit, maximum 1000 yards. Honestly you will need to prove to us you can handle a shot to our maximum distances as we are here for your success and not to watch you fail.

Preferred weapons of choice are your standard deer hunting calibers. Approved AR15 platforms are the 6.8, 6.5, 50 Beowulf, 458, & 410. We do allow 5.56 but you must be using the Barnes Vor-Tex ammo which is all copper and has a massive expansion and wound channel. All other AR15 platforms are discouraged but not banned as this is your hunt, your way, as long as it is ethical.

Wild Hog Stands

​Williams Hunting

Wild Hog Processing
Hog and Boar Hunting

What to bring on your Next Hog Hunting Trip to South Carolina.

Each game hunter has his or her own equipment preferences. Therefore, we ask that you bring the following with you for your hunting experience at Williams Hunting:

  • Weapon of choice, minimum caliber .243
  • Camouflage clothing
  • Good boots
  • Small flashlight
  • Insect repellent
  • Rain suit
  • Seat cushion
  • Coolers, a lot of coolers!

​​Night Hog Hunts in SC

Click Here to see many of the recipes that Williams Hunting uses to prepare Wild Boar and Hog.

Hog Hunting Special

*Youth Hog Hunts:
10% off all Youth Hunts when accompanied with a Paid Hunter.

Free Range Hog Hunts in SC
Williams Hunting in South Carolina

The Call is on us! Speak Directly to our Guides


​​Free-Range Wild Hog Hunts in South Carolina Low Country

Boar and Hog Retrevial

Ranked as one of the Top South Carolina Trophy Hog Hunting Destinations in 2016, 2018, & 2019 by Ranch Review and Outfitter Connection!

​​Hog Hunting Lodge

Williams Hunting provides a couple of lodging options. We have a house/lodge here onsite and it is private to your party. It can sleep 5 in separate beds with one a king and two bedrooms along with your own bathroom and kitchen if you desire. We do prepare home cooked meals and most multi-day hog hunting trips include one wild game dinner traditionally a boar roast. On those colder January or February days my wife might put together a little boar chili or stew to warm you up. Our Mess hall is next to the house and also provide private sleeping quarters and can sleep up to 4 with a semi-private bathroom and common area with couches and TV. After dinner everyone usually departs to either the house or out to the fire pit so you will have the Mess Hall to yourself.


​​Wild Hog Hunting Stands

No Trophy Fees Ever on Free-Ranging Wild Hog Hunts!

All of our Wild Hog Hunting packages are Guaranteed, that’s right we offer a shot opportunity guarantee. If on the last day, last sit of your hunt you have not been given a shot opportunity on a wild hog, then you can come and hunt inside the preserve at no extra cost for one meat hog. We want to make sure no one ever goes home empty handed. A preserve Meat hog is any male hog under 150 pounds with less than 1.5” cutters or any female under 60 pounds your choice.